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Happy Fathers Day – To the Fat...

Many inspiring stories are recorded about fathers throughout history.  Here is a story I’d like to relate, not because it is a great story or because I tell it extremely well; It just happens to be a...Read More

How Should Christians Respond to Isl...

In response to a recent web article entitled: “The Biggest Struggle Currently Facing Christianity”, one reader who identified himself as Andrew Jones from the UK said: “Our biggest issue is our response...Read More

Pastoral Predicament

A recent survey of Protestant pastors indicates that nearly 40% of them perceive that they are not “on the same page” – either politically or theologically or both – with the leaders of their...Read More

Leave Me Alone!

I came across an article not long ago that was authored by Luther Brown. I don’t know Mr. Brown, and only know what he says in the article about his background. But I did find several of the points he made...Read More

Christianity Under Attack: The Ongoi...

“Christianity is under attack!” I have heard that exclamation from the pulpit many times over my 50+ years on this earth. It certainly is. Of course Christians have been under attack for thousands of...Read More

The Bible and the US Constitution: T...

America as a nation is moving increasingly to the left politically, and clear examples of this phenomenon – and its impacts – exist in the attitudes of our people toward the two most fundamental...Read More

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