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The Cloning of Human Beings: One Chr...

A long-standing topic of science fiction, human cloning is now very close to possible – and may already have occurred.  If it has occurred, it has been well hidden from public view, and understandably so. ...Read More

Is Christianity’s Credibility ...

In response to the question: “What is the biggest struggle facing Christianity today?” ( an individual calling...Read More

Is Your Church Guided by the Head or...

One of my favorite secular songs is called “From My Head to My Heart’ by Evan and Jaron.  One line in the song says “The furthest distance I’ve ever known is from my head to my heart.”  It would...Read More

Who Do You Trust?

In a May 2010 web article, the question was asked: “What do you see as the biggest struggle or issue currently facing Christianity?” ...Read More

How Honest Are Christians Today?

Last year, this question was posed as a survey element to Christians: “What is the biggest struggle currently facing Christianity?” One of the answers (from a man who identified himself as David Tuma of...Read More

Truth or Consequences: The Cost of A...

An interesting group of articles related to the current spiritual condition among Christians in America has surfaced over recent months. Among them are an article called “The Public Consequences of...Read More

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