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Fact vs. Propaganda: Looking Objectively at the Impacts of Family Structure in America

People suspend disbelief when they perceive it is to their advantage.  Hence the cynical reply often heard: “Well, you can believe whatever helps you sleep at night.” In other words, “What you are saying is nonsense, but if it enables you to live with yourself, I don’t care that you are deluding yourself.”  This happens all the time.  In fact, it is reflected in one of the first accounts of human...

Church Architecture

After last week’s blog covering Human Cloning, I thought a little lighter topic might be appropriate.  A peek at the impact of architectural styles in churches seemed to me to fit the bill.  In a 2008 article by Tobin Perry entitled “Architecture Survey: Unchurched Prefer Traditional Styling for Churches Outside & In (, offers some interesting insights.  It...

Is Your Church Guided by the Head or the Heart?

One of my favorite secular songs is called “From My Head to My Heart’ by Evan and Jaron.  One line in the song says “The furthest distance I’ve ever known is from my head to my heart.”  It would appear, based on some recent blog traffic, that the Christian Church is suffering somewhat from the same malady.   ( In...

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