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Bill DuncanI am a pretty normal guy.  Raised a fundamental Baptist, and believing the doctrines of that denomination, there are still as many things that I don’t understand as there are that I do understand.  My Bible training consists of coursework at Grand Rapids Baptist Bible College (now Cornerstone) back in the 1970s, though I graduated from Calvin College in that same city.  I am not a theologian, not a Bible scholar, just a guy who was blessed with a Christian family, and came to know the Lord in his childhood.  I fall FAR short of where I should be in many areas of Christian life, and struggle daily.  That’s one reason I am writing.

These blogs represent what I think about some of the most compelling and controversial issues in Christianity today.   As such, they are almost sure to be offensive to some, and not at all politically correct.  I have not set out to offend anyone, but rather to open up a dialog from which I can learn from those with the courage and patience to respond.  For that reason, I will end each blog with the words: “What do YOU think?”, and hope that you will share your perspectives.  I will screen comments just to be sure that hate mail and profanity doesn’t make it through to the site.  Otherwise, I will do my best to keep an open mind about what you say, and ask only that you do the same.  Thanks.

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