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Atheism: The Triumph of Faulty Reasoning

The March 20, 2012 issue of USA Today carried a story called: “Atheists Planning to Rally for Reason Over Religion.”  Cathy Lynn Grossman reported in the story that “Atheists, humanists, and free thinkers are descending on the hallowed civic ground of the National Mall this Saturday for a Reason Rally.”  She went on to point out that the group planned to “strut their strength as a voting block, lobby for public policy and raise their social profile.”  A two-bar graph adorned the nearly half-page story, trumpeting the assertion that “The percentage of atheists and agnostics in the USA has more than doubled since 1990.  (That percentage is now purported to be 1.6% of the population.)

One of the quotes from a participant named Dwayne Windham caught my attention.  Mr. Windham said: “The majority of us just want rational public policies based on facts, not someone’s book of cobbled-together fantasies.  Atheists have to carry our weight on an intellectual and moral basis.  The worst thing you could do is be immoral or stupid.”

The popular definition of “immoral” is: “Immoral means not following accepted principles of right and wrong behavior. (adjective).  An example of immoral behavior is murder.” 

My ensuing question then, derived from Mr. Windham’s statement, is: “How do you know what is right and wrong?”  The answer to that question is found in Exodus 20: 1-17.  Unfortunately for Mr. Windham and his ilk, denying the truth of the Bible or relegating it to the status of a “book of cobbled-together fantasies.” are advancing a ludicrous argument.  God has been the source and in fact embodies the definition of “right” and “wrong”.  He represents and actually is the epitome of “good”, because He is holy, and is sinless.  He is the standard which unobtainable by mankind, outside of the justification imputed on believers through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross at Calvary.

Atheists generally seem to believe that human beings evolved from animals, animals from sea creatures, and so on down the “food chain” to inert matter, completely eschewing the concept of Intelligent Design.  The entire line of reasoning brings to mind one of Einstein’s remarks when arguing creation vs. evolution with Niels Bohr.  Paraphrasing, Einstein asked Bohr: So tell me, if I placed raw copper ore, silica, tin and steel on a desert island and left them alone, how long do you think it would take for them to form themselves into a Swiss watch?  Ben Stein’s recent movie “Expelled” does a pretty effective job of exposing the falacies of modern evolutionary thought.  The level of rancor aroused by the film among atheists and agnostics is effective evidence of its value.

From my perspective, it is much more difficult to believe in the spontaneous generation of life than it is to have faith in one Creator.  On the side of belief in God there is the historical testimony of those who surrounded Christ while He walked the Earth, the written testimony of those inspiredby God to pen the various portions of  the Bible, and the demonstrated faith of millions of believers over the last 2,000 years. On the side of evolutionists, there are some fossilized remains and a lot of artist’s renderings.  A theory devised by men to elevate mankind in his own eyes, and deny the existence of his Creator.  Men have been so foolish before, as evidenced by the flood of Noah, and te tower of Babel.  It has never worked out well for them in the end.

What do you think?

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