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Which Political Party is More “Evil?”: A Facebook Exchange

NATHAN: “The Republican party is statistically more evil (that is, more likely to place in power a corrupt world corporate government of some sort).”

RICKI: Nathan you may be right about the Repubs.  I’ve heard other say things simular that they operate from a platform of fear and hate I just have no time for neither party.

WILLIAM: The modern Democrat Party has attacked Christianity and God more pervasively than any political party in recent history. It has worked closely with organizations like ACORN, MOVEON.ORG, and Planned Parenthood to promote just about everything that God calls sin or evil in the Bible, from homosexuality to abortion. The liberal flagship organization, the ACLU, labors relentlessly to erase all references to God from every public venue, including the outlawing of public school prayer and the attempt to erase “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag. President Obama has claimed that Christians are still “clinging to our Bibles and our guns.” He is absolutely right about that. I know I certainly am. There is an overwhelming sea of evidence that the liberal leanings of the Democrat Party are damaging the fabric of our nation, some as recent as last week’s efforts by the White House to block the execution in Texas of a self-admitted rapist and murderer from Mexico. Studies can certainly be constructed to produce statistical results that support almost any position, but the overwhelming sea of evidence is not merely a series of anecdotes. The liberal agenda is methodically and deliberately anti-Christian, and anti-God. It is therefore by definition pro-evil. While either position – conservative or liberal – can be taken to extremes that result in evil, the pendulum in our country has swung much too far to the left, and the damage has been profound.

As to the “Corrupt Government” definition of “evil”, does anyone remember “Cold Cash”, the “Louisiana Purchase”, and the “Cornhusker Kickback”? When the Democrats cannot get legislation rammed through legally, there is always the payoff or extort approach. One doesn’t need to do a study to understand where evil is coming from – one just needs to open one’s eyes.

RICKI: Stop, William!  The Repub’s also have their own method of corruption even the beloved Reagan had a history of back door dealings.


It’s often hard to believe how gullible Christians can be, and how much we are willing to accept – turn a blind eye to – in the name of political correctness.  Ricki (whoever she is) actually uses a cross as her profile picture.  Yet she seems unwilling or unable to come to grips with any difference between the over-archingly evil-oriented agenda of the current Democrat party and the Republican party which, while flawed and corrupt, is oriented far more toward an accurate representation and implementation of the US Constitution, and it’s general alignment with the doctrines of Christianity.

2 Responses to “Which Political Party is More “Evil?”: A Facebook Exchange”

  1. Lloyd A. Sanders says:

    Both parties have been know to have their own back door dealings when trying to get something they want. However, as Bill pointed out, the Democrats fail to understand that the United States was built on principles straight from the Bible, and that there certain things they shouldn’t attempting to legislate. I can already hear the “Wait a minute! You can’t legislate morality!” No, the problem is if you don’t legislate morality you have legislated immorality whether you call it that or somewthing else.One example is the gay community. You are free to choose your own lifestyle in this country, but based upon that lifestyle, you have to live within certain parameters based upon the culture under which you live. Since this culture is based upon Biblical Christian standards, this means you can choose to live together as a gay couple, set up legal papers for wills, medical issues, etc. but you cannot call it marriage. This same principle applies to abortion and other moral issues that liberals wish to force down our throats. Yes, force-because they cannot accept those of us who don’t agree with them and want to silence.

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