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Scale Image

8 Responses to “Scale Image”

  1. Just want to tell you that your blog content is interesting.

  2. Brilliant, I was thinking about this subject during the day time……and your explanation is exactly what was going through my mind.

  3. I’m glad that i found your website; there are a couple of interesting posts.

  4. God respects us and He gave us the possibility to decide. Each of us chose the way we see things and the world around us. It’s vital what we feed ourselves on what we see, hear and meditate on. We need to feed ourselves on God’s word, because in this way our eyes will be enlightened to what we have in Christ Jesus.

    • Bill Duncan says:

      Ignacia: Thank you for your reply. What an interesting perspective! I have read many times in the Bible that God loves us, so much so in fact that Jesus died for us on the cross in order to pay the debt of our sins, because we misuse that ability to decide that God gave us. But I don’t recall a passage of scripture which says that God RESPECTS us…. what passage(s) are you referring to here?

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